Superb Selfie in Any Light

Selfies taken in dim lighting have always been disappointing. But WX3F LTE nails it easily. The 5-megapixel front-facing camera captures stunning and nicely detailed photos, brightening your skin tone naturally. The flash gives off soft rays that even out in low light. So you will look natural and amazing in the selfies as you actually are.

Live Spontaneously, Capture Spontaneously

Stay stunning as you are, and let your phone take care of the rest. Fingerprint sensor comes as a standard on WX3F LTE, which does not only recognize who you are, but also serves as a snap button for recording your amazing life.

Entertainment on the Move

Featured fast 4G LTE, feel free to take full advantage of superior, uninterrupted connectivity, especially for advanced tasks such as video chat with friends. The phone gives you fast connection and undisturbed entertainment anywhere you go.

Always One Step Ahead

A quad-core processor is installed within the device to give you fast driving power. Clocked at 1.1GHz, it is intuitive in processing your requests. Pairing with 1GB of RAM, it powers up your daily life adequately and offers you a fluent multi-tasking experience. You can launch your favorite apps simultaneously without interference.

Comfortable to Hold and Look

WX3F LTE is designed to deliver a smooth touch. The sides of the device are meticulously carved with beautiful texture for subtle touching feel. You will be delighted to hold the delicate device in your hand as it sports a remarkably 8.4mm body in the thinnest part.

Simple Control

The feature of air gestures provides the option of using your device totally hands-free. Swipe a particular letter on the screen in screen-off mode to enter a certain app directly. By swiping a "C", the camera is launched immediately.

Get Everything Done Smarter

Powered by AndroidTâ„¢ N, the phone includes an amazing collection of features you'll use and love. Tired of getting calls from automated spammers? Feel reassured as it offers you a way to block the caller. You can also enable data saving mode to save the last data for further usage.