Make Every Selfie Clear and Bright

Equipped with an enhanced 20MP front-facing camera, Camon X helps you to display your amazing life with better detail and definition. The all-new Camon X will also delight you with its dual brightness-adjustable selfie flash, which allows you to adjust the brightness by gestures to best suit your style.

Masterpiece in A Snap

Thanks to the implementation of the dual image processor, image processing of each selfie gets a big boost in both speed and efficiency. Compared to its predecessor Camon X, this camera can simultaneously analyze and process data to enable a range of real-time image enhancements. In addition, it applies advanced noise reduction algorithm to ensure an absolute minimum of noise in final image.

Keep You in Focus

Camon X allows you to capture bokeh effect selfies despite only having one lens. Create amazing selfies or groupfies with sharp foregrounds and artfully blurred backgrounds. Feel free to add flair and fun to your selfies by exploiting bokeh effect.

Photos worth sharing

The 16MP back camera makes a perfect substitute for professional camera, making every picture sharp and worth sharing. It also comes with super PD focus technology, which tracks and captures sequences of moving objects in sharp focus, so there will be no more blurred shots. As the focus speed of dark scene increased by 100% compared to Camon X, you can catch even the most unexpected moments in the blink of an eye.

See Bigger Pictures

Enjoy an expansive view on Camon X with the 6-inch HD display. Slim bezels surround the screen to create an expansive view that you can't take your eyes off, making the 6-inch screen on Camon X looks incredibly compact. Thanks to a bigger screen, whatever you do with Camon X, you can do it better with Camon X now. Additionally, the screen has been boosted by 10% to reach the brightness of 500 nits, which ensures readability even in direct sunlight.

Unlock in A Flash

Introducing Face ID, the system that unlocks the phone by recognizing your face. Enabled by the 20MP front camera, Face ID uses a detailed depth map of your face to recognize you in an instant. It is simple to set up and the device still has the fingerprint reader on its rear as another biometric option to unlock your phone.

Fit Your Hand Nicely

As today's smartphone users holding onto their handsets for longer than ever, Camon X is meticulously designed for you to hold. Its ergonomic design fits in your hands as if it was made for you alone, so you won't want to it put down. Crafted through the most advanced processing technology, the phone boasts a 5.2mm build in the thinnest part.

Fast and Fluid Performance

A octa-core processor is installed within the device to give you fast driving power. Clocking at 2.0GHz, the octa-core processor is filled with system-level optimizations that can manage multiple tasks at once. With 3GB of RAM, it's fast and seamless whether multitasking or gaming.

Long-Lasting and Fast Charging

With a whopping 3750mAh battery, Camon X powers up your daily tasks dynamically. Feel reassured to play games, watch videos, browse the Internet or check out Facebook feeds. It also supports TECNO's light speed charging technology. With only 10 minutes of charge, the phone allows you to take as many as 1,000 photos.

Smarter, Faster and More Powerful Android™ 8.1

Camon X is one of the first phones to come with Android™ 8.1 - the best version of Android so far. Apart from new visual design, it also provides several innovative and easy-to-use features to step up your mobile experience. Did you ever worried about that a friend who borrows your phone saw your private photos? Well, album lock is added in Camon X as a private photo vault to keep your personal photos hidden from others.