TECNO Phantom 6, 6.15mm Ultra Slim Metal Body

6.15mm Ultra Slim Metal Body

Boasting of 6.15mm ultra thin bezel, Phantom 6 is one of the slimmest dual-back-camera phones, taking your graceful life to the next level. Precisely crafted with aerospace grade aluminum alloy, the all-in-one metal bezel is reinforced through nano molding technology to provide added strength. Symmetrical distribution perfectly pairs with minimalist aesthetics to engineer the seamless flagship smartphone with delicate details.

TECNO Phantom 6, Advanced 13MP AF & 5MP Dual Back Camera

Advanced 13MP AF & 5MP Dual Back Camera

A Sony IMX258 13MP AF camera pairs with a Samsung 5MP camera to constitute the advanced dual-camera mechanism, which is finished off with an F/2.0 wide aperture for optimized light admittance. Launch two cameras simultaneously to capture more creative images with better depths of field whenever you like, even in low light, and fully enjoy the clarity equaling a pro camera. With a single tap, you’ll enable refocus function to highlight whichever element you’d prefer on the images for enhanced fun.

TECNO Phantom 6, 5.5" FHD AMOLED Super Clear Screen

5.5" FHD AMOLED Super Clear Screen

5.5" FHD AMOLED widescreen sports a 180° wide viewing angle for enhanced vision. Instead of 70% color gamut of normal LCD screen, it features 100% color gamut to demonstrate sharp colors in details. 60000:1 contrast ratio makes it consistent to display a clear and colorful world indoors or in the sunshine.

TECNO Phantom 6, Better Fluid Experience over the Last CPU

Better Fluid Experience over the Last CPU

The 2.0 GHz 64-bit processor is a leading octa-core processor, which reaches as high as 824.3 in GeekBench single-core performance test. It obtains 28% faster speed and consumes 40% less power than that on the last flagship smartphone (tested on platform 53), attempting to offer an undisturbed mobile experience.

TECNO Phantom 6, 32GB + 3GB, Smooth Multitasking and Large Storage

32GB + 3GB, Smooth Multitasking and Large Storage

3GB RAM capacitates multitasking without interferences. 32GB ROM provides enough space to store up to 5,120 pieces of songs in mp3 format or 20 HD movies. Simply expand it to up to 128GB if you need more space for your favorite songs, movies and pictures.

TECNO Phantom 6, Reversible Type-C Light Speed Charge

Reversible Type-C Light Speed Charge

The latest light speed charging technology is applied to match a 24-pin Type-C port, substantially lifting the transmission speed of high-voltage current and raising charge speed by 30%. With only 10 minutes of charge, you'll have 124 minutes of talktime. The reversible Type-C further eases the recharging process. Hold either side of the cable up to get linked in no time.

TECNO Phantom 6, Boom NB01 Earpod

Boom NB01 Earpod

Metal-textured Boom NB01 Earpod is adjustable and perfectly matches Phantom 6 in delivering deep bass. It offers two alternatives, Normal Mode and Beats Mode, to easily usher you into two different audio realms where every beat is clearer and more appealing. Get immersed in the deeper bass effects enabled through Beats Mode, and enjoy the concert experience over the phone.

TECNO Phantom 6, Subtly Curved Back for Perfect Grip

Subtly Curved Back for Perfect Grip

You will be amazed at the 6.15mm ultra slim design at first glance. Slightly curved in the back, it perfectly slips into your palm for a stable and comfortable grip.

TECNO Phantom 6, All-in-One Ultra Slim Midframe

All-in-One Ultra Slim Midframe

The full metal midframe is designed with proving strength and detailed perfection. To that effect, 6000 series aluminum alloy has been chosen to create the ultra slim part, which is solid in holding the phone body. It takes fine craftsmanship and discreet labor to treat the crude material every step in the process, which involves dozens of refining processes and advanced nano molding technology for zero difference and zero gap finish, immensely adding to seamless unibody of the device.

TECNO Phantom 6, Durability Beyond the Ultra Slim Body

Durability Beyond the Ultra Slim Body

Surfaced with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, framed with aluminum magnesium alloy, reinforced through metal bezel, and finished with sealed battery container, Phantom 6 is designed with four protective mechanisms for lasting use.

TECNO Phantom 6, Dual SIM Dual Standby, Expandable to 128 GB

Dual SIM Dual Standby, Expandable to 128GB

The piston SIM card trays are durable, featuring up to 1000 times of connection. They are finished with adaptive panels to ensure zero gap and perfect color matching, and obtain uniformity and overall beauty. The dual SIM dual standby phone enables you to choose your preferred carriers and enjoy better services. Memory expandable up to 128GB, it is devoted to providing space for all your favorite apps.

TECNO Phantom 6, Aesthetic Symmetry

Aesthetic Symmetry

All openings are symmetrically distributed at the bottom and in the sides, and the back is symmetrically laid out to live up to your aesthetic pursuit and add to overall beauty of the phone.

TECNO Phantom 6, Stand You Out

Stand You Out

The complex camera structure is consolidated into a delicately carved metal part for minimalist touch. The stylish finish embodies your style and instantly stands you out among your friends.

TECNO Phantom 6, 13MP & 5MP, Capture Beauties with Crystal Clarity

13MP & 5MP, Capture Beauties with Crystal Clarity

The Samsung 5MP back camera sensor detects the distance between the lens and the objects while Sony 13MP back camera captures every beautiful moment in focus and creates HD fusion images up to 50MP. Paired with F/2.0 wide aperture, it admits 35% more light for brighter images regardless of the external lighting conditions. Memories come alive as you share them with friends or view the photos alone, thus, enjoying a more pleasant photographing experience.

TECNO Phantom 6, Refocus to Balance Your Creation with Transient Moments

Refocus to Balance Your Creation with Transient Moments

Refocus function allows you to capture the sceneries and transient moments immediately and process the images later to encompass your creative ideas. Choose your favorite spot to highlight and blur the rest. Highlight any spot within 2m focal distance for the best effects.

TECNO Phantom 6, Swap the Background to Fit Your Taste

Swap the Background to Fit Your Taste

Take a photo anywhere without delay and swap the background to your favorite style. You may choose your most desired scenery or favorite building to live different life immediately and fully enjoy a creative imaging process.

TECNO Phantom 6, Low Light Creation Aided by True Tone Flash

Low Light Creation Aided by True Tone Flash

Brilliant moments may happen at any time and will not wait. The dual back camera is assisted by True Tone flash, which radiates light of comparable hue to that of natural light for true-to-life effects. You can expect to take perfect pictures anytime, even in low light.

TECNO Phantom 6, Smart Capture Nonstop Fun

Smart Capture Nonstop Fun

Phantom 6 features amazing functions to parallel a pro camera. It takes up to 50MP fusion images, effects 4X optical zoom, supports new panorama mode and enhances night mode, enabling you to take images in great details, capture distant scenery in high definition, include more friends into one shot and enjoy high clarity shooting in the night.

TECNO Phantom 6, 83° Wide Angle to Fit More in One Selfie

83° Wide Angle to Fit More in One Selfie

The front flash shines soft natural light to assist the 8MP front camera in capturing more vivid and colorful selfie and record the fantasies. Take full use of the 83° wide angle to have more friends share the treasured moments.

TECNO Phantom 6, Eye Scanner V2.0

Eye Scanner V2.0

Advanced biometric technology provides you with ultimate security. Phantom 6 is embedded with Eye Scanner V2.0, allowing you to unlock the phone 300ms faster than the previous generation. The screen, which displays a vivid world in your hand, turns into a flash that detects ambient light and adds light when necessary to enable quick unlocking in low light.