Young to Show

Everyone can become the protagonist of life. CAMON I brings 13MP front camera, giving an excellent selfie effect. Plus, with video chat flash, it can easily shoot your beautiful moments even in low-light condition or at night. Facing the camera, laughing or grimacing, your youth need be shown!

Young to Record

Everyone's youth is worth to record. However, you do not have to learn photography skills, all things you do is to press the shutter. The 13MP rear camera can provide you clear and brilliant photos automatically. Quad flashlights with auto focus mode, making extraordinary performance. No longer being worried about the darkness, you can still able to shoot high-quality photos.

Young to Love

You will love this infinity screen. With 14.35cm wide-view display, 1440 * 720 resolution, it's a completely new experience. Do not addicted to videos or games, as you can easily immerse into it. And, by using Corning Gorilla Glass, it gives you a comfortable touch feeling, also it's tougher to prevent broken screen.

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Young to Free

Youth is unrestrained and free. 3GB RAM, fast running brings a smooth operating experience, making you feel less stutters. 32GB ROM, small but enough. When you taking expandable micro SD, it can be up to 128GB, you can be free to takes photos, free to install applications, free to store everything as you wish.

Young to Share

Share your happiness with your friends! CAMON I supports 4G LTE, it can transfer data, videos and images in a rapid way with such high quality. Logging in Twitter, sending photos to Instagram or sharing moments in Facebook can be so easily at anytime, in anywhere. Sharing happiness is simpler now.

Young to Play

For young people, mobile phones are more than making phone calls, but mobile multi-function devices. Watching videos, playing games, surfing the Internet, all the things can play on the phone. Now, you can no longer worry about power. 3050mAh large battery capacity can meet your daily needs, wanton to play it!

Young to Joy

Unlock your phone with your fingerprints, and start your joy. CAMON I has a fingerprint sensor, you don’t need to enter a complex password, just gently sweep your finger, then it's unlocked. Enjoy your fun!