Shine with Beauty

The 8MP selfie camera is inspired by and made for beauty. It captures your special moments with high clarity. The front flash pairs with the screen flash to shine brightly in low light and the night, brightening your smiles. The imaging process has been adjusted to fit the environment and fulfill your requirements. The selfie camera delivers bright selfies to perfectly flatter your charming beauty.

Quality Video Chat Anywhere

Have a nice video chat with your friend over i3. The screen turns into a flash to add light in low light. Activate it during a video chat to adjust the brightness of your image and that of your friend's. Even if you are living in different regions of the world, you get the feeling of chatting face to face.

Ultra Clear Low Light Photography

The 8MP super pixel back camera records the vibrant world at a single tap, giving you fabulous details you deserve. The scenes and people in the pictures are vivid to remind you of the moment. It's designed with four camera flashes to produce strong light in low light and illuminate everything in focus. Avail yourself of the advantage and create stunning pictures day and night.

Delicacy in the Hand

You will be delighted to hold the delicate unibody in your hand. It is carefully designed and crafted to fit your style and meet your requirements. Sporting an ultra slim body of 7.9mm depth, the compact device gives you the comfort of one-hand use.

Wonder at First Glance

Immerse yourself in the vivid world with the 5.0-inch display. The screen has been completely upgraded to possess super brightness, stunning color reproduction and strong contrast. Activate the outdoor mode to enjoy a consistently clear world directly in the sunshine.

3050mAh, up to 2 Days

The 3050mAh battery stays in the heart of i3 to power your multi-tasking. It lasts up to 2 days for most users and at least one day for heavy users. Feel rest-assured to work on files, catch up with friends on Facebook, play energy-hungry games and stream HD videos on the device. Turn on super power saving mode to regulate power smartly, save the last juice for your most important tasks and effectively extend the battery life.

Fast 4G LTE

With 4G connection, i3 takes your mobile experience to the next level. You are accessing the fastest network up till now. The fluidity makes it possible to get things done immediately on the device, such as uploading files, streaming videos, playing online games or seeking information.

The Latest Android™ 7.0

Running the latest Android™ 7.0, i3 powers a pleasant and smooth experience never ever before. It’s a lot of fun to launch apps faster and manage apps easier. The split screen mode is introduced for efficient multi-tasking. You can launch two apps in two windows on one screen. While sending a message to your friend, you may play your favorite video without having to switch between.