TECNO Long Standby L8, 5050mAh Capacious Battery

5050mAh Capacious Battery

With a whopping 5050mAh battery, L8 provides you up to 3 days of usage with a single charge. Feel reassured to enjoy music, videos, games and various apps on the device since the phone still holds up well even after hours of heavy use.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Double Battery Life

Double Battery Life

The phone boasts of a high-density battery that doubles the battery life of an ordinary one. So it virtually extends you entertainment life much longer.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Ultra Power Saving Mode

Ultra Power Saving Mode

Press the separate button on the side of the device to enter power saving mode and prolong usage time extraordinarily. Crafted from high quality metal, the button is positioned in a way that greatly enhances overall beauty of the device.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Convenient OTG Connection

Convenient OTG Connection

TECNO L8, with USB On-the-Go equipped, allows users to connect additional devices with the phone via the micro USB port. This awesome feature lets you connect any USB device, even a full-sized keyboard, to your phone.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Luxurious Metal Appearance

Luxurious Metal Appearance

L8 boasts of luxurious metal appearance that matches your quality-driven lifestyle perfectly, which stands it out as one of the most exquisite smartphones in the market.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Double Curved Surfaces

Double Curved Surfaces

L8 dazzles a metal build with double curved surfaces, presenting the splendor of design and fantastic durability. It adopts the newest non-conductive plating technology, misting and glossing surface treatments and manual drawing process to come up with an elegant body of 5.2mm ultra-thin frame and highlighted edges, which stays solid in the hand for a comfortable grip.

TECNO Long Standby L8, 5.5" HD Large Screen

5.5" HD Large Screen

The 5.5'' large screen brings you a new visual feast. The super-large screen will satisfy your need of a dynamic entertainment life. This is your private cinema and you can enjoy movies as you like. The screen is made of high quality material that delivers a smooth feeling. The world can be reflected vividly on the screen.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Outstanding Night Shots

Outstanding Night Shots

With specially designed beauty mode, the camera adjusts light flexibly to take photos at night. It processes light outstandingly in the night to take dramatic night shots, which can be compared to a professional camera.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Quality Loudspeaker

Quality Loudspeaker

Dance with amazing music effects. L8 is built in with a scratch-resistant loudspeaker that locates unnoticed on the phone. It delivers quality sounds wherever you are and enables you to enjoy music worry-free.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Shortcuts for Launching Apps

Shortcuts for Launching Apps

Swipe a particular letter on the screen in screen-off mode to activate a particular app directly, saving you all the troubles of switching screen and searching. For example, when you swipe C, it starts camera instantly.

TECNO Long Standby L8, Turn Over to Mute

Turn Over to Mute

Turn over the device to mute it immediately. Even if you forgot to turn off the sound before an important meeting, L8 ensures you a disturbance-free experience.