32MP Super Clear Selfie Being your best self

Providing clearer selfie image by higher pixels and better photosensitive performance. Redefine your selfie with SPARK 9T.

90Hz High Refresh Rate and HD+ Dot Notch Screen Great visual optimization

With 90Hz High Refresh Rate and higher resolution, everything is optimized in the SPARK 9 series for your better visual experience.

Memory Fusion

Add 2G to your RAM (for a 4G-RAM device), and enjoy a smoother experience when launching multiple apps at the same time. Application startup time is shortened by more than 10%. Follow these steps to check this function : Settings - Special function - MemFusion

5000mAh Long-lasting Battery Larger Battery, Better Power Supply

Whether it's taking pictures, playing games, or making phone calls, there's no fear of power shortage.

Ultra-speed Octa-core Processor Tiny but mighty

With our octa-core processor, you should have smooth animations, fast app loading, and crisp photos. A small chipset with strong performance.

Iconic Design Tough and Elegant

SPARK is the first of its kind to adopt the industry trend of square-shaped shapes, which are square in the middle and round, tough and elegant. A major breakthrough in the thickness of the body, thinner than the previous generation (SPARK 8) by 2mm.

Spark Your Night

The 32MP Super Clear Selfie Camera and 4 times promoted single Pixel photosensitive area, a perfect team to capture your vivid and clear portrait.

13MP Rear Camera AI Enhanced Image System

Video Bokeh Blurry but beautiful

Bokeh the background and highlight portrait or subject you want to focus on, creating the unique “blurry” video with bokeh effect.

AI Scene Recognition

To improve the clarity and realism of photos, our AI camera can optimize photos according to different scenes, with a scene recognition rate of up to 90%.

Panorama mode Broader and more exciting

Turn on the panorama mode, whether it's a wide landscape or a multi-person party photo, it can be captured perfectly.

HDR MODE Still clear even in backlit environment

With HDR mode on, even if you take a photo in a backlit scene, you can still get a photo that reflects the details of the light and dark parts.

Smile Shot Focus on your smile

Always be confident in front of camera. 32MP smile face capture make every image clearer and more funny.

AR Shot Add more fun to your life

AR shot mode with Animoji function supports video recording and manual generation of emoticons. Let’s get your funny creation now!

1080P time-lapse photography Savoring the stunning scenery

To create a video that shows the movements of your surroundings by 1080P time-lapse photography. Appreciate the world in different way.

Ultimate Large Memory

No matter how many charming selfies or masterful videos you have, they can be easily stored by the large memory; Whether you are listening to songs, playing games or watching videos, the high-speed RAM allows you to have a smooth experience.


Super power saving and sleep mode optimization bring you assuring power solution. With excellent optimization system for TOP10 audio and video applications, our long battery life performance has surpassed the competitors, check this feature in Settings-HiOS Lab.

SUPER BOOST Enjoy smooth experience at all times

Scan system junk automatically. Optimize phone's storage. Keep your phone running smoothly even after extended use.

Memory Optimization