TECNO W1, Selfie, Your Lifestyle

Selfie, Your Lifestyle

Whenever you feel the impulse to record life, launch the front camera of the phone. Share your feelings with the world, especially your friends. So they can know how you feel for the moment and what's going on in your life. When the world turns on the lights to dispel darkness, the phone automatically activates the front flash to brighten your selfies. Perfect lighting conditions are not always there. Yet, W1 is engineered with the capacity to mark your life whatsoever.

TECNO W1, Easy Switch. Total Control.

Easy Switch. Total Control

Powered by 1GB of RAM, it is easier and faster to switch between apps. While checking emails, you can stay on your favorite movie without being interrupted. In other words, you have total control over the device, working, building bonds with friends and getting entertained simultaneously. So you won't miss a thing in your life.

TECNO W1, Robust Heart, Top Performer

Robust Heart, Top Performer

A quad-core processor is installed within the device to give you fast driving power. Clocked at 1.3 GHz, it is intuitive in processing your requests, immediately displaying the search results on Google or the most recent posts on News Feed when you catch up with friends on FaceBook. Count on the device to perform desktop level tasks, too. You'll be excited at how swift it is in performing heavy tasks such as gaming and video streaming.

TECNO W1, Stay for Fun Wherever You Are

Stay for Fun Wherever You Are

Enjoy your exciting life disturbance-free! Stream a favorite movie and totally immerse in the scenario; play a trendy game and compete with virtual rivals; slide a photo album to relive those moments; stay connected with friends and share with one another...You don't have to stay plugged in to let all that happen. Built-in with an 1800mAh large battery, W1 sustains up to two days' fun at a single charge.

TECNO W1, AndroidTM 7.0 Freshly Out of the Box

Android™ 7.0 Freshly Out of the Box

W1 now runs on the latest version of Android™ operating system. The user-friendly system launches quicker than ever to get ready for your use. If the default settings do not appeal to you, you can always take advantage of its customizing feature and reset your own menu. Besides better battery management and access to a growing app library, Android™ 7.0 proves to be faster in everything, ranged from installing apps, swiping the screen to launching apps.