5.0" HD IPS Screen

The 5.0-inch IPS screen is outstanding in rendering details and displaying vibrant colors. Watch your favorite movies and videos on the screen as the images come to life in your palm.

Beautification Effect

Get instant beauty enhancement with W4. Take photos as you like and capture the best of yourself in a second.

Wide-Angle Camera

Experience a wider scope of view and fit more friends into one shot with the wide-angle camera.

Androidâ„¢ 6.0

Running Androidâ„¢ 6.0, Marshmallow, W4 brings you a wonderful mobile experience with fluency.

Metallic Frame

The luxuriously metallic frame is a symbol of your stylish life. It speaks your lifestyle effortlessly.


W4 has a lot more to offer. Wake up the phone through custom gestures. Swipe particular letters on the screen and enter frequently visited apps directly. Answer a call totally hands-free.

Double Click to Wake Up the Phone

Unlock your phone in a flash. Double click the screen to wake it up from screen-off mode. Double click again in the same manner to lock it.

Swipe to Play Music

Try an easy way to access the music player in screen-off mode. Swipe left or right to play the previous or next song, and swipe up to pause. Want to listen to music right now? Swipe down to play it immediately.

Make a Gesture to Answer the Call

How to answer the call when you are busy? Make an air gesture and W4 will automatically open the loudspeaker. So you can answer the phone without even touching it.

Turn Over to Mute

Forget to mute your phone when you are having an important meeting? Turn over the phone to mute, so you are no longer disturbed by the ring tone.