TECNO W5Lite, Crystal Clear in Every Pixel

Crystal Clear in Every Pixel

Launch the 13MP AF back camera at parties, family reunions or gorgeous tourist attractions. It will capture every beautiful detail reflected on the lens. The gesture feature takes it to a smarter level. Use specified gesture to capture the moments in a second. The F/2.0 aperture takes in 30% more light than the previous model while the back flash adds light of natural hue, which combine to produce bright images even in low light.

TECNO W5Lite, Suit Different Occasions

Suit Different Occasions

Just smile and let the camera take care of the rest. The embedded sensor identifies your smiles and captures them immediately. At gatherings, you can take in all your best friends with panorama mode. Launch the square mode for images that can be shared directly without further processing. Moreover, it allows you to retouch images at a single tap.

TECNO W5Lite, Selfie with Assurance

Selfie with Assurance

Preview your smile, adjust if necessary, tap the button gently and freeze the moment into a perfect selfie. The front camera is always at your service when you are ready to take a shot in the day or in adverse light conditions. It's equipped with a flash to brighten the surroundings for a satisfying photo. If you are thirsting for better effects, the beauty mode shall render you instant beauty enhancement.

TECNO W5Lite, Excellent Capture V2.0

Excellent Capture V2.0

Now you can enhance eye shadow, pupils, eyelashes, blush, lips and eyebrows through a variety of make-up modes offered by Excellent Capture V2.0. Go one step further to retouch the details, ranging from skin tone, eyes to teeth. Thanks to the built-in accessories, you can easily create an image of holiday feel while staying at home. Pick your favorite hat, glasses or earrings to enjoy a beach holiday instantly.

TECNO W5Lite, Slim Body Fits the Palm

Slim Body Fits the Palm

The ergonomically designed 7.8mm slim body sits steadily in your palm for a comfortable grip, delivering a smooth touch from front to the back. The sides are laser-carved with delicate Arles texture to deliver metallic luster and inspire beauty. The metal frame meets a textured back with a 170° arc finish to enhance the overall design.

TECNO W5Lite, Clear Widescreen Adjusted to Environment

Clear Widescreen Adjusted to Environment

Wonderful world leaps off the 5.5" HD widescreen. It engages you in the world of games and movies to overlook what happens in the surroundings. Take it anywhere and enjoy it anytime as the screen adjusts brightness automatically to the environment for steadily clear display. The screen features pure black aesthetic touch, which adds to your quality life.

TECNO W5Lite, Hands-Free Experience

Hands-Free Experience

Interact with W5 Lite while keeping your hands totally free. Double tap the screen to wake the device up. Swipe patterns on the black screen to quickly start particular apps, such as camera, music player and so much more. The device is capable of other smart features, such as flipping to mute, covering the screen to mute and printing the screen through three fingers, which bring forward a dynamic user experience.

TECNO W5Lite, Keep You Connected with Friends

Keep You Connected with Friends

W5 Lite supports more bands, keeping you connected as you travel and effectively assisting your global roam. Its dual-SIM module allows you to choose your favorite carriers as you further your journey. BT 4.0 enabled, you can count on the device for faster data transfer, thus, enjoying better experience as you exchange photos or music with friends.

TECNO W5Lite, Fluid Operation

Fluid Operation

Powered by quad-core processor that clocks at 1.3 GHz, the phone is faster whatever you do. It is faster in launching apps, playing games and streaming videos. Just enjoy it.

TECNO W5Lite, AndroidTM 6.0

Android™ 6.0

Android™ 6.0 powers a much smarter operation. At a single tap, you can speed up or change wallpaper. The device is well managed for smoother shifting and longer use. It offers a variety of choices, such as fonts and themes, so you can personalize the device and make it particularly and essentially yours.