Fully Reversible Connector System

USB Type-C is a fully reversible connector system. Simply hold either side of the cable up for immediate connection. It totally changes the way of connecting and ultimately accelerates the transport of data and energy.

3A Fast Charging

It supports maximum 3A current in charging, which means more current delivery to your device within less time. When you are on the move, your device will get enough juice during a short break. So you don’t have to miss any important message or the dynamic mobile entertainment life.

Environment-Friendly and Durable

Manufactured from environment-friendly resin, the USB Type-C cable is noted for its strength and improved resistance to external forces. Count on it for fast data and energy transport without worrying about excessive usage.

Flat Cable Solution

Flexible flat cable is used to pair with your USB Type-C adapter for easy cable management and enhanced productivity. It uses less space and effectively eliminates wire coupling issues. It is ready to serve whenever you need it.

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