TECNO Camon CX Air, 13MP Sharp Selfies

13MP Sharp Selfies

The 13MP selfie camera captures stunningly sharp selfies effortlessly. The newest ArcSoft®Smart Denoise technology has been used to remove noises 50% better over the previous generation. Every detail of your selfie is clearer than ever, making memories alive as you view the images.

TECNO Camon CX Air, , Light Up Your Smiles

Light Up Your Smiles

The smart dual-front-flash system sheds double amount of light to brighten your selfies in low light. It is 136% brighter than the previous model and 30% brighter over a single flash, enabling you to take brilliant selfies in the night as in the day.

TECNO Camon CX Air, , 8 Real-Time Portrait Filters

8 Real-Time Portrait Filters

Something Stylish as Befitting Your Feelings

Choose 1 out of the 8 customized real-time portrait filters and take selfies in varied styles. It boosts your creativity and enriches your daily life. Post your share-worthy selfies at a single tap, so your friends can share your life's sweet moments.

TECNO Camon CX Air, , Mark Life as it Happens

Mark Life as it Happens

Life happens fast and never repeats. Don't hesitate to record the moment as it happens. Tap the fingerprint sensor to unlock the phone in no time. Then, use it as a shutter button to mark your life in 0.1s.

  • 0.1s

    Fingerprint Quick Snap
TECNO Camon CX Air, , Wide Angle Selfie Mode

Wide Angle Selfie Mode

Launch the 120° panorama mode to take fantastic group selfies. Simply move from one side to the other to fit all friends into one frame. The wide-angle feature is made for memories shared by all.

TECNO Camon CX Air, Impressive Shots of the World

Impressive Shots of the World

The 13MP back camera takes super clear shots that are meant to impress. To enhance that feature, a blue glass is installed as IR cut filter lens to get rid of flare and ghost images. Then the PDAF feature gets your camera instantly ready. It focuses in 0.1s to record every wonderful moment.

TECNO Camon CX Air, Bright Shots of the World

Bright Shots of the World

A dual-back-flash system is introduced to ensure smooth photographing in low light. It increases light by 100% over a regular flash and casts evenly over the objects to immensely enhance image quality and magnify the fun of image creation.

TECNO Camon CX Air, The Fresh AndroidTM 7.0, Nougat

The Fresh Android™ 7.0, Nougat

Everything is better running the freshest Android™ 7.0, which features more user-friendly interface, quicker app launch, better app management and better battery management. At a single tap, you can switch wallpaper, clear cache or enter into power saving mode. For data regulation, simply add the infrequently used apps to Freezer or activate Hi Manager. Feel excited to explore all those new features.