TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, 72 Hours of Heavy Use

72 Hours of Heavy Use

After hours of video streaming, web browsing and music playing, the phone still has much juice to offer. To ensure that you can spend a huge amount of time with your phone, a high density battery is installed within so you can get through up to 72 hours without worrying about recharging. With a whopping 5,000mAh battery, L9 Plus powers your work time and playtime dynamically. You can literally work hard and play harder.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Powered Up in No Time

Powered Up in No Time

L9 Plus gives you peace of mind even when it pulls the low battery alarm. Given a 5 minutes' break, it will be charged up for taking 1,000 photos. The latest light speed charging technology, which features dynamic charging voltage algorithm, has been used to transport current to the device at blazing-fast speed without compromising safety. Charging at the output of 9V2A, it delivers maximum 18W charging power, 60% faster than L8 and 300% faster than iPhone 7 Plus. As it takes in enough juice over a cup of coffee, it will keep you connected whether you are travelling far away or leaving in a hurry.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Borderless Look, Endless Vision

Borderless Look, Endless Vision

L9 Plus is built with a 2.5D 6-inch screen which subtly curves in the edges to create a stunningly seamless and borderless visual effect. With a 90% wide color gamut, L9 Plus is able to deliver true-to-life colors and bring life to images. Sporting a 1000:1 contrast ratio, every single pixel of the 6-inch display is accurately optimized to render fine details and add depths to images, which are bound to impress.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Exquisite Build, Infinite Beauty

Exquisite Build, Infinite Beauty

Large battery capacity does not mean sacrificing physical beauty. Inspired by leading sports cars, every detail has been painstakingly treated to deliver a symmetrical and compact look. Crafted through the integrated metal processing technology, the phone boasts a 4.5mm metal build in the thinnest part. It gives you the tangible feel of superior metal texture as you hold the phone in hand.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Clearly Capture Your Life

Clearly Capture Your Life

L9 Plus features a superior 13MP AF camera in the back and a 5MP camera in the front, giving your day-to-day photo and video shooting a professional edge. The fingerprint quick snap technology allows you to use the fingerprint sensor as a shutter button in capturing the amazing moments instantly.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Take a Bite of the Fresh AndroidTM 7.0

Take a Bite of the Fresh Android™ 7.0

Come and discover the benefits of Android™ 7.0, the latest version of Android™ operating system. With more personalized settings and smarter notifications, the fresh version features more ways to customize the system exclusively yours. Running the advanced system, L9 Plus gives you a top-level speed and a battery life that keeps everything going for a longer time.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Easier Done, Smarter Done

Easier Done, Smarter Done

Featured with smart gestures, you can easily take control of your phone without having to wake it up first. Swipe letters on the black screen to quickly start particular apps—such as camera, music player, browser and so much more. Hi Manager, your personal assistant, takes your smart life to a new level. At a single tap, it clears cache to boost speed. Since it manages data usage, apps and notifications just as instructed, you will be free from unsolicited information and fully enjoy it.

TECNO Long Standby L9Plus, Step Up Your Mobile Experience

Step Up Your Mobile Experience

Press the Super Button on the left side of the phone whether it is in standby or running. The phone will be entered into power saving mode immediately, which saves the power for tasks you deem most important. Customize the Button to create shortcut for launching the camera, switching on or off the torch, or turning on or off the music. Then T-Point, the user-centric app, serves as a shortcut for more apps you frequently use—like WhatsApp, Facebook and TECNO Spot. With fewer steps, L9 Plus does not only enhance your productivity, but makes everyday life a lot more fun.