Mighty CPU Powers Seamless Operation

Boasting of an advanced deca-core processor that clocks at 2.0 GHz, Phantom 6 Plus features superior performance in whatever task you assign. It performs 70% better while consuming 30% less power than the last generation, which makes it fun to play graphic-intensive games, stream 4K videos and download at 300Mbps over LTE CAT6 on the phone.

Fluency Like Never Before

It is excited to stay tuned with all your friends while playing games or streaming videos. With 4GB of DDR3 RAM, you can run 32 apps in the back end without interference. You can fully count on the 64GB of ROM to store up to 12,000 songs in mp3 format or at least 25 HD movies. Virtually, it stores almost anything you are interested in.

Full Metal Body Showcases Delicacy and Strength

Sporting 98.1% metal ratio, Phantom 6 Plus is painstakingly treated through 32 processes and handcrafted in 2,880 minutes for an outstanding look and tested strength. To come up with a solid build, a non-detachable battery is built within the phone where all connecting parts are kept in place by professional screws. Seamless nano molding technology is used to further strengthen the solid phone body. The front cover is made of aluminum magnesium alloy and the display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to finish off the metal unibody, which is noted for heat conduction and prolonged lifespan.

Durable Sapphire Glass Lens Cover

A 9H sapphire glass is embedded into a two-layered aluminum structure to offer seamless protection for the lens, removing any concerns you might have. Simply launch the camera and start imaging creation anywhere you like.

21MP Back Camera Captures Fantasies in Clarity

The 21MP back camera makes a perfect substitute for professional camera, capturing award-worthy pictures even in low light. It matches with Sony IMX230 image sensor and true tone flash to obtain that superior image handling capacity. With fusion imaging technology, you can create fantastic images which feature incredible 80MP clarity effortlessly. PDAF capable, it focuses in 0.1s to get the camera ready. Featuring 4X digital zoom, it enables you to capture all beautiful moments distant or nearby.

Business Security via Biometric Authentication

Fingerprint sensor enables you to create password exclusive yours and unlock the phone in 0.3s. Launch eye scanner to create a second password. Scan fingerprint and then your eye to unlock the phone with security. You may also set passwords to files containing sensitive information. Trustlook, the anti-virus software is preinstalled on Phantom 6 Plus so you can use the USD 9.99 software for free.

4050mAh, Type-C Light Speed Charge

With advanced light speed charging technology, you can get 240 minutes of talktime with 10 minutes of charge even when power is depleted. The reversible USB Type-C utterly simplifies the recharging process. Hold either side of the USB cable up to get charged and stay connected to the world.

Matched Accessories in Gift Box

Designed together with the phone, the accessories enhance your smart life. The gift box includes an adjustable Boom NB01 Earpod, Type-C Adapter, SIM-Eject Tool, Leather Cover with Window and Tempered Screen Protector. Indulge yourself in the deep bass and concert effect brought by the earpod. Feel rest-assured to hold the well-protected phone in hand.

Robust Heart Powers a Vibrant World

Embedded in the heart of Phantom 6 Plus is a 2.0 GHz deca-core tri-cluster processor with A72 architecture. It is crafted with 20nm craftsmanship to level that of Samsung S6. You can run console-class games or play 4K videos on the device and fully enjoy comprehensive entertainment.

Mighty CPU Devoted to Ultra Intuitive Experience

The Helio x20 CPU achieves around 82,000 to 85,000 in Antutu performance test and ranks top in GeekBench single-core and multi-core performance tests, giving you industry-leading system performance and ultra-intuitive experience never ever before.

No Latency, More Fun

The phone keeps pace with your fingertips as you swipe across the screen at 50ms and scan Facebook at 55ms. It understands your finger instructions and responds immediately for an utterly interactive experience.

Best Performance/Power Balance

The CPU is designed in a tri-cluster structure to accommodate different tasks, activating part or full of the CPU as befitting the tasks. It consumes 26.3% less power in scanning webpages, 35% less in recording videos, 38.3% less in sliding icons and 38.8% less in shooting photos. Overall, it consumes 30% less power than the previous flagship smartphone and strikes a balance between outstanding performance and power consumption.

Anything You Need in One Device

The CPU performance is enhanced by 4GB of RAM, which sustains fluidity to run 32 apps in the back end simultaneously. You will not miss anything important or interesting. Phantom 6 Plus puts together anything you need for magnified pleasure.

21MP HD Back Camera

Equipped with F/2.0 aperture, the 21MP back camera allows more light to enter into the imaging platform, capturing clear images even in bad lighting conditions. 0.1PDAF capable, it records every smile of yours and every scene on your journey. You can even play 4K videos or preview images at 30fps smoothly. Simply take your Phantom 6 Plus for a professional shooting.

Super Pixel, Clear at Every Detail

If you have high demands on details, you will be amazed at the super clear images of up to 80MP created by Phantom 6 Plus. It combines several images of the very moment to produce one image with appealing clarity. Virtually, every detail is visible to remind you of the happy moments.

Super Zoom, Capture Near and Afar

The device features super zoom, which supports 4X digital zoom effect. You may shoot the whole building or zoom in to shoot part of the building for consistent clarity.

New Panorama Mode

Launch the panorama mode and move the device to take anything you want into the shot. It is easier to activate the function and control the process for a better finish.

New Night Mode

Don't worry if something important is happening at night. The new night mode minimizes noises and maximizes image quality for true-to-life images. You will not miss the sweet memory whenever it is.

True Tone Flash, True-to-Life Images

Keeping it in mind that brilliant moments will not wait, Phantom 6 Plus is embedded with true tone flash, which radiates light of comparable hue to that of natural light for real world effects. You can expect to take perfect pictures in low light.

85° Wide Angle Selfie

The front flash shines soft light evenly and proves to be effective in light compensation. It assists the 8MP front camera to capture more vivid and sharper selfies. Make full use of the 85° wide-angle camera and have more friends share the same memories.