Advance Your Beauty

Great design talks. Take a look at Phantom8, and you will be amazed at its attractive back cover finish. The back catches and reflects light in a subtle way - it bounces long rays of light off it and waves them back and forth as you move it. Eye-catching diamond fire design makes Phantom8 a fashionable accessory of your daily look. It truly doesn’t look like any other phone you might have used before.

Dual-Camera System, Iconic Photography Master

Instead of a single rear camera, Phantom8 has two: a 12MP Sony wide-angle sensor and a 13MP telephoto sensor. With the former recording depth of field and the latter imaging based on the data, two powerful shooters on Phantom8 work together to add new elements to your photo album. With 10x super digital zoom, you can now get clear close-up photos and even better detailed images.

Stand Your Selfie Out

Phantom8 nails low-light selfie easily. Because it is designed to do so. The ultra pixel enables the phone to take a selfie with 2.0μm pixel effect. Pairing with a large F/2.0 aperture, it ensures more light onto the lens. Using “4 in 1” technology, which means four times of light allowance for an individual pixel sensor and an individual image. As a result, the final image is much brighter.

Enjoy Your Extraordinary Night

Every ordinary night can be an extraordinary one. A double mode selfie flash is going to be a big savior as it illuminates your face appropriately even in low light conditions. And the newest imaging algorithm takes it further - it detects your skin tone and emits right amount of light to ensure more natural look.

You Are the Focus

Everyone has his own shining moment.With auto refocus, Phantom8 can read the depth of field information and separates the background from the foreground to keep subjects in focus and background beautifully blurred.

The Power to Do More

6GB of RAM of Phantom8 stacks up nicely against the rest of the flagships. It capacitates multi-tasking of about 80 apps without interference. Powered by all-new LPDDR4X standard, the phone enables way faster data transmission speed - 70% snappier than the last generation - and consumes 50% less power easily.

Unparalleled Experience

Phantom8 is designed to stay connected wherever you go. Multiple bands it supports let you easily roam in about 200 countries and regions. Also, featuring LTE Cat 6, the phone provides speed up to 300Mbps for data downloading - 50 percent faster than the last generation.

Staggeringly Powerful

Packed with a robust MediaTek P25 processor, it’s far more responsive than any Phantom that came before. Whether you’re surfing online, streaming videos, playing games, or dealing with business, it all gets done at lightning speed. Thanks to the innovation of the 16nm processor that runs with less power, the processor will not tax your battery anymore, saving the juice for something more important.

Reversible Type-C Light Speed Charge

Phantom8 supports the newest light speed fast charge technology of TECNO. As it only takes 70 minutes to get fully charged, you don't have to carry a power bank while traveling. The reversible Type-C further eases the recharging process. Hold either side of the cable up to get linked in no time.

Do It Effortlessly

Powered by the whole new Android™ 7.0, Phantom8 boasts of a handful of useful tools to better manage your beloved device. Phone master helps analyze and safely remove the junk files that take up your memory and storage space. Clean with a single tap, free up space and boost phone speed. Also, auto-start management allows you to forbid unnecessary or unwanted apps from auto-starting, boost up your phone and keep it running smooth.

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