Your Personal Cinema System

SPARK Plus delivers borderless vision to your palm via a 6-inch HD screen. 2.5D NEG glass has been adopted to reproduce details and colors in a lifelike manner even directly in sunshine. 77% high screen ratio ensures a virtually full-screen graphic experience. The redesigned audio system offers you an enhanced listening experience comparable to HiFi effect. The result is a flexible option to enjoy a movie at cinematic level anytime at home or on the move.

A Touch of Elegance and Style

The device is enclosed with 2.5D glass that meets the sleek body for a seamless finish. SIM tray does not only provide the option of accessing different carriers at the same time, but also makes a natural part of the unibody. Your phone boasts of a 7.75mm slim body, which rounds off in the corners for a comfortable grip. All attention will be on you as the device reflects your style effortlessly.

Selfie Anytime Anywhere

Life is full of surprises. Take a selfie via the 5MP front camera and mark your life. Light is no longer a concern now thanks to a matching flash and the screen flash. The flash gives off soft rays that even out in low light. So you will look natural and amazing in the photos as you actually are. Fall in love with all the built-in filters, which beautify your selfies and express your mood adequately. Launch the panorama mode at parties.

Record Everything in Clarity

Launch the 13MP ultra pixel camera and record everything that matters. What your eyes come across in everyday life is now captured through the 5P lens for eternal memory. Effectuated through an F/2.0 wide aperture and a shining flash, the device takes amazingly clear HDR images in low light. What might happen only once in life is turned into pictures that are always there.

All in a Flash

The fingerprint sensor module is crafted in metal to render you that super-sensitivity you expect. Unlock your phone at a single touch. Put your finger on the sensor in camera mode to capture photos instantly. Your individual password does not only keep whatever stored in the phone secure, but also keeps all sweet life moments without delay.

Super Fast Speed

With 16GB of on-board memory that is easily expanded to 32GB, it has never been easier to pack your favorite apps into one device. That's exactly why 2GB of RAM has been adopted for SPARK Plus. Don't wait for the wonderful things to happen one by one. Launch multiple apps at one time, switch between freely and get totally immersed in the entertainments. Clear cache periodically for maximum speed.

Stay Awake for You

Among all great features of SPARK Plus, a powerful battery surely is a note-worthy one. Within the slim body is a 3400mAh battery that keeps the phone alive for at least one and a half days at single charge, even for heavy users. Connect a USB device to SPARK Plus to get charged for urgencies.

Androidâ„¢ 7.0

The operating system has been upgraded to the latest Androidâ„¢ 7.0. Every aspect of the system has been improved to make your life simpler and more efficient. Swipe three fingers down the screen to get a share-ready screenshot. The split-screen mode makes it possible to open two apps within one window.