TECNO W5, Ultimate Security at Single Touch

Ultimate Security at Single Touch

This ingenious creation comes with advanced fingerprint sensor technology. Forget about the troublesome password. The nano-coated 4H fingerprint module provides an easy and irreplaceable access to your phone. The sensor is made from high-grade material for super sensitivity, unlocking the phone in 0.3s. Literally, you can get access to any apps on your phone in no time.

TECNO W5, Elegance in Your Grip

Elegance in Your Grip

W5 is designed to deliver a smooth touch. The sides of the device are laser-carved with beautiful texture for subtle touching feel. Crafted from super metal, the frame is finished with a 170° curve to interface with a textured back cover. The 7.8mm delicate body fits comfortably into your grip, making an essential part of your graceful life.

TECNO W5, Run on Fast 4G LTE

Run on Fast 4G LTE

Take the ride of 4G LTE and follow your heart to watch videos, play games or surf social networks on W5. 5G WiFi and BT 4.0 enabled, the phone gives you fast connection and undisturbed entertainment for a worry-free experience. You can access different networks simultaneously via a dual SIM module. Have fun connecting to the world in a flash.

TECNO W5, Capture the Happy Moments

Capture the Happy Moments

The 13MP AF back camera captures fleeting moments effortlessly. An F/2.0 aperture takes in 30% more light while the back flash shines brightly in low light for creating clear images. The back camera supports watermark, time-lapse, panorama and beauty modes to accommodate diverse creating demands.

TECNO W5, 85° Wide-Angle Selfie

85° Wide-Angle Selfie

Show yourself through the 5MP front camera and make the best out of the 85° wide-angle feature. The front flash adds ample light, adapting to indoor, night, sunrise, sunset, backlight and low light. A blue glass filters parasitic light for clarity. The fingerprint sensor technology makes it possible to capture the moments at a single touch.

TECNO W5, Launch the Fittest Mode

Launch the Fittest Mode

The camera detects your smiles and allows you to retouch the images instantly. Launch panorama mode to capture wide extents of scenery. Use square mode so that images can be directly shared to friends. With night mode, you can be rest-assured to capture the exciting moments in dark.

TECNO W5, Excellent Capture V2.0

Excellent Capture V2.0

Excellent Capture V2.0 enables one-tap enhancement for eye shadow, pupils, eyelashes, blush, lips and eyebrows. You may further retouch the details, ranging from skin tone, face shape, nose, jaw, eyes to teeth. It is built in with a variety of accessories. Choose your favorite hat, beard, glasses, nose ring, earrings and wig to change the styles.

TECNO W5, 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor

1.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor

Powered by a quad-core processor that clocks at 1.3 GHz, W5 processes requests at amazing speed. You will find it super fluid to launch apps, play games or watch videos, fully enjoying fast connection over 4G LTE.

TECNO W5, AndroidTM 6.0

Android™ 6.0

Android™ 6.0 keeps some major features of the previous generation for a familiar yet enhanced experience. It enables one-tap speed up, manages apps better, offers a variety of choices and saves the last juice for the most important tasks, all of which contribute to an enduring, vibrant and joyful digital life.