3 Days of Unstopped Entertainment

In the heart of your powerful device sits a 5000mAh large battery, which delivers continuous energy for an uninterrupted experience. Coupled with smart power-saving technology, you can have more than 3 days of battery life at a single charge. Just like a dynamic partner, it stays alive along your journey, passing your voice to someone on the other end of the call, talking into your ears and surprising you with stunning graphics.

Clear Selfies of Your Favorite Angles

Tap the button to record you in your preferred angle. No one knows you better than yourself. Activate the selfie camera of WX3P, get the light you need, adjust the angle of the device for several times and snap a shot. Powered by a 5MP image sensor, every smile or move you make is clearly captured into a perfect selfie. Try the beauty mode for instant beauty enhancement.

True to Life

Watch a favorite movie in leisure and get totally immersed in the vibrant graphics. The 5.0" big screen is outstanding in rendering details and reproducing colors. What you see on the screen is almost a replica of what you see in real life. Be amazed at the tiniest details that make a big difference.

Cannot Take Your Eyes Off

The device dances with a slim phone body without compromising strength – less than 5mm in its thinnest part, which immediately stands you out in the crowd. Hold it in one hand to get an amazing touching feel as it looks. As every component – inside and outside, is positioned in harmony with one another, the device does not only work powerfully in daily use, but is a pleasure wherever you look at it.

Quicker Than You Think

Four cores work collaboratively as a whole to power your demanding tasks. Clocked at 1.3 GHz, it processes your requests faster than you think. No more wait and delay. Interact with your favorite apps and get instant responses on WX3 P.

The Beloved Android™ System

The beloved operating system has been updated again. Now the device runs on Android™ 7.0. The all-new system is simpler, faster and smarter, with enhanced performance in every aspect. Hi Manager, your personal assistant, is here to clear cache, boost speed and manage apps at a single tap.

Smart Control

Swipe a particular letter on the screen in screen-off mode to enter a certain app directly. By swiping a "C", the camera is launched immediately. Customize the shortcuts for your most frequently used apps. The feature of air gestures provides the option of using your device totally hands-free. Hover over the screen, swipe to the left to answer a call or right to end a call.