Terms & Conditions

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of a TECNO Mobile product. 

The following conditions apply to the warranty on your TECNO Mobile product, which replaces any other conditions printed or published elsewhere. Please read through the conditions carefully and make sure you understand them. If you have any questions regarding the warranty, please send us an e-mail on service.za@carlcare.com .

Conditions of your Warranty:
1.    TECNO Mobile warrants the product against faulty manufacture and / or defective material and the working of your product for 12 months (1 year) from the date of purchase, and 6 (six) months for accessories. Provided the product is used for its intended use and domestic use only.
2.    For any purchases made from certain mobile and telephone suppliers, a 24-month (2 year) warranty may apply. Kindly contact these suppliers for any inquiries regarding warranty period and conditions.
3.    For warranty conditions, period and queries in any other country, outside South Africa, please consult the in country local Distributor or local Carlcare Center (https://www.carlcare.com/ )
4.    TECNO Mobile is in support of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008, and in the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase, for valid warranty claims, the product may be repaired or exchanged by TECNO Mobile, or credited by the dealer / store once approved by TECNO Mobile. For the remainder of the warranty period (after the first 6 (six) months from date of purchase) the product may be repaired or exchanged by TECNO Mobile, or be requested to be credited or exchanged by the store or dealer where original purchase was made, on approval from TECNO Mobile. It may be required to log a service call for inspection and verification for the reported fault.
5.    The above warranty conditions are only applicable for South Africa. For warranty conditions, period and queries in any other country, outside South Africa, please consult the in country local Distributor.
6.    The warranty on the product is supplied on condition that only TECNO Mobile authorised service agents are at all times used in connection with the product for any repairs or inspections when applicable.
7.    The warranty will no longer be valid, and TECNO Mobile will not be responsible for damage or injury of any kind resulting from electricity fluctuations and surges, lightning strikes, faults in the building wiring, faulty installations, and improper use of controls and or failure to use the product in accordance with the operating instructions and or general misuse and or abuse, or if not used for domestic purposes only.     
8.    The warranty shall be considered null and void:
a.    Where the product has been infested with insects or pests
b.    is physically damaged after it left the store
c.    If water or liquid caused the damage to the product
d.    If the warranty seal is tampered with
e.    If any repair or tampering by an unauthorised person or attempt to repair or tamper with the equipment, 
f.    In the case of use of parts not supplied by authorised agents, or alterations or modification to the equipment.
9.    After the first 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, this warranty does not apply to enamelled or painted surfaces or plastic covers, any accessories and other parts subject to wear and tear or discolouring. Damage caused by abrasive and highly concentrated cleaners and/or cleaning materials or cleaners prohibited by the user manual, will void the warranty.
10.    After 6 (six) months from the date of purchase of the product the liability of TECNO Mobile under this warranty is limited to the replacement and/or repair of the defective parts within the warranty period and does not extend to the installation or removal of the product.
11.    The warranty shall be available only to the original purchaser of the product from an authorised TECNO Mobile Dealer or Distributor and only where the product has been retained for use in the Republic of South Africa. For warranty conditions, period and queries in any other country, outside South Africa, please consult the in country local Distributor.

12.    Important note: A valid Proof of purchase (your invoice) is mandatory and must be provided for devices booked in for repairs. Manual, hand written invoices or CPD’s will not be accepted. Only a store Point of Sale system generated invoices or retail till slip which clearly indicates the device IMEI number, make, model and date of purchase will be accepted. In the event of the Proof of Purchase not being supplied, the repair will be treated as out of warranty and quoted on accordingly. Onus is on you the purchaser to retain and produce your proof of purchase in the event of a warranty claim.

13.    TECNO Mobile shall not accept liability for the replacement of any cosmetic enhancements e.g. screen protectors or other paraphernalia that is affixed or attached to your device when handed in for repairs. It is your responsibility to have this removed before the device is booked in.
14.    Software updates are mandatory on all devices sent in for repairs. Software updates will restore the device to factory settings by default, effectively erasing all stored data including address book contacts, pictures, videos, games and third-party applications. Please ensure that you back-up the device before handing it in for repairs. TECNO Mobile will not accept liability for data loss in any way whatsoever or for loss of any other stored information including costs incurred to re-purchase applications or deleted content.
15.    Memory cards and Sim cards must not to be booked in with your device for repairs. We cannot accept any liability for these items if they are accidentally left in your device or handed in without our knowledge; they will be destroyed immediately on receipt at Service and Repair Centre in accordance with policy. TECNO Mobile shall not be liable for the cost of replacement in these instances.
16.    Devices returned 3 times or more for the same or unrelated faults shall not automatically qualify for a replacement, standard repair procedure will apply on all repeat repairs.
17.    Devices booked in for a device lock (E.G. pin code lock, password lock, face unlock, pattern lock, finger print lock etc.): these security features are not classified as a defect and shall be chargeable as a non-warranty repair.
18.    Any security feature including but not limited to Google Security must be deactivated before booking in your device for a repair. Devices that are received with these security locks activated/enabled might be returned unrepaired as TECNO Mobile and the manufacturer will not be able to access the device to validate faults or undertake repairs.
19.    In instances of a warranty being voided due to liquid or physical damage of any nature, TECNO Mobile may not be able to return the device in working order after it has been disassembled for assessment purposes.
20.    Devices with cracked LCD screens, lenses or touch screens have the probability to disintegrate during disassembly and will therefore not be returnable in the condition that it was booked in should the quotation be rejected, not answered or the quote has expired.
21.    In addition, some devices require certain mandatory parts to be replaced after assessment or repair, TECNO Mobile will not replace these parts should the quote be rejected, expires or the device has voided warranty and is beyond economical repair. You accept this as a risk when submitting your Device for Assessment or Repairs and TECNO Mobile will not be liable in whole or part to you or any other party for any loss/ damage that you have incurred as a result of the provisions of clauses 14, 15, 16.
22.    All repairs undertaken by TECNO Mobile including new or reconditioned parts installed during the repair process and the labour required to install and carry out repairs carries a standard 3 (three) months warranty and such warranty does not extend to user induced or other damages e.g. liquid damage, physical damage, unauthorized repairs, blacklisted devices. The 3-month warranty on workmanship and parts applies only to the fault repaired and parts replaced on the initial repair. Any unrelated or secondary failures after the initial repair shall not be covered under the workmanship warranty. T&C’s continued on reverse of visual inspection.
23.    Due to the absence or limitation of repair capabilities on certain device make or models, TECNO Mobile may in accordance with the manufacturer limited warranty policy offer an exchange with a manufacturer approved service stock (Refurbished Device). Service stock devices carry a standard 3-month warranty which will run concurrently with the balance of warranty of the original device.
24.    In the event of an out of warranty repair, a quotation will be provided for acceptance/approval prior to any work being undertaken.
25.    A quotation is an estimate which may change if the repair is unsuccessful or if additional parts are required. TECNO Mobile reserves the right to re-quote on the repair should it become necessary.
26.    Repair quotations shall be provided via SMS or obtained in-store in the case of walk in customers. Repairs will only be undertaken on receipt of acceptance/approval of a quotation. We will ask you to approve any amount in excess of the quoted amount should the cost increase.
27.    TECNO Mobile shall not accept cancellations after receiving an acceptance or approval of a quotation. After accepting the quotation, you are liable for the full 
28.    Should you request or re-book the device to be repaired after quote expiry it will have to be re-assessed and quoted on again.
29.    Devices will only be returned to you, provided that you have made payment in full of all applicable charges due to TECNO Mobile. In order to defray costs, TECNO Mobile reserves the right to dispose of devices where devices remain uncollected for a period of 90 (ninety) days or more or where you fail to make payment of any part or the whole any charges applicable to you. TECNO Mobile shall endeavour but shall not be obliged to give you notification of such disposal.
30.    Please quote the Job Card Number (Mandatory) as a reference when making payment, as TECNO Mobile will not be liable to you or any other party in the event that your payment cannot be traced timeously or at all.
31.    Customers with private or 3rd Party insurance claims are required to pay for the repairs or assessment charges in full and claim back from their insurers. TECNO Mobile shall not accept payments or facilitate claims with any private or 3rd party insurers.
32.    Proof of identification (ID or Driver’s License) will be required upon on collection. Devices will not be returned in the absence of proof of identification. Third party collections will only be permitted if the person collecting the device is in possession of a signed letter from the owner of the device, granting permission to collect on his/her behalf, together with a copy of the owner’s ID and original TECNO Mobile book-in document.
33.    Disputes, queries, complaints or compliments can be escalated to our Technical Contact Centre by emailing service.za@carlcare.com .