As pure as Lake Tekapo Blue

The revolutionary upgraded HiOS7 is enlightened by the most instagrammed location Lake Tekapo, a highland lake which is unforgettable even at the first sight. Featuring a brand-new interface, colorful themes, vivid icons, to a smarter interaction, our designers combine  trendy and comfortable colors with an all-new design to bring you the most intelligent system experience. 

Meet MR Efficiency in Arc of Wisdom

With arcs being found across the user interface, optimal visual tension are precisely delivered; The redesigned style of number fonts brings out simplicity that has a limit-breaking heart; Your enjoyment of fluidity and coherency are esthetically unified.  

Lively Interacted with Animated Characters

Localized illustrations are now joined by futuristic sense of technology, the localization and compatibility of HiOS 7 melted flexibility with fashion, imagination with personalization, all for your unique visual experience.

More Comfortable Layout

Blanks are intentionally offered for a clear vision; Thumb-friendly layout keeps your focus from drifting; Content presentation gets tailored for better reading experience.


Smart Scanner

Enjoy all the benefits by multi-functional scanning

Smart Scanner is the best intelligent tool to turn all your difficulties in daily life into conveniences. Translate Local language? Make Top-up? Check up drugs? Add new contacts or WIFI share? All the scenarios you can or can’t imagine. Scan it!

Auto Ear Pick-up

Answer your call without touching the phone

Auto Ear Pick-up enables you to save the sliding or swiping before getting a call attended. Just put your phone to your ear——and there you hear.You don’t have to slide your answering button to pick up your call but take the phone near your ear. Easy and Creative, isn’t it?

Gesture Flashlight

Draw designated letters to unlock the flashlight

Gesture Flashlight is a smart and cool feature which can create shortcuts for easy access to your flashlight. You can light up your torch at any time simply by drawing a designated letter on your screen such as V,M, Z to quickly turn on/off the flashlight while the screen is off.

Photo Compressor

One tap to save your storage!

Photo Compressor allows you to compress large photos into smaller sized photos without decreasing image resolution. From now on, you will never need to download multi-apps just for image compression. HiOS photo compressor will help you save the space easily.


Video Caller

Say bye to simple call pattern, Say hi to Video screen

HiOS Video Caller provides you the possibilities to set your favorite videos as the caller background. From now on, you can change your mood by selecting different video ringtones as your incoming caller ID, no matter funny videos, dance videos or videos recorded of  your favorite football players, all of them can be automatically played to remind you while you have an incoming call.

Powerful Social Turbo

Enjoy Wonderful Chatting

Social turbo is the best WhatsApp assistant box with multiple features to help you have interesting chatting with your friends. Users can enjoy multi-features on social turbo such as flashlight call, DIY Emoji, and Peek Mode.

Now it also supports WhatsApp Business on the latest HiOS7.










Wifi share

Wifi share gives you a handy option to share your WiFi through a QR code. When your friend visits your home, you can just ask him/her to scan the code, then boom – they’re connected to your  WIFI hotspots.

Magic button

Adding game winning possibilities with Volume button as a fire key. While you are playing games, you can use the button to open fire to your opponent. Magic button as its name hints.

Face unlock2.0

With this feature, you don’t need to worry about failing in unlocking your phone in the dark. It will help you use Face Unlock in dim environments by screen light.