Long standby time
with 2000mAh Battery

Offers up to 10 hours of working time with 2000mAh big battery. which can achieve the perfect battery performance and make sure you can enjoy the internet freely .

Perfect 2-antenna Design
2*external high gain antenna design

2*external high gain antenna design, supports wider coverage and better user experience. uses an innovative multi-segment screw stems design, to effectively enhance the signal strength, reduce interference between antennas and make signal transmission more stable

2X2 MIMO multiple input & multiple output technology
stronger wall penetration capability.

Adopts 2X2 MIMO multiple input & multiple output technology, which effectively realizes signal superposition, improves signal accuracy, increases signal strength, and ensure signal penetration. It can surf the Internet smoothly even in the corner.

Voice service via VoLTE or VoIP
(Voice Call)

Support external landline phone via VoLTE or VoIP, make calls anytime anywhere;This is the best choice for locations where 4G LTE speeds are faster than cable broadband or ADSL is inconvenient.

Plug & Play
Enjoy WIFI anytime

Insert Sim card ,can go online anytime. 4G to WiFi, 4G to LAN wire network,suitable for switch,desktop,phones,smart TV, monitoring, ect

Connect up to 32 devices
at the same time

The 4G Router is Easy to connect and easy to carry in hand sharing customer to 32 WiFi users, you are able to enjoy the WiFi with your friends and your families with this portable 4G LTE router freely.

Professional Chipset
Professional WiFi

Strong ARM V8 architecture CPU processors, dual-core CORTEX-A53

Fast 4G LTE Network

Supports the latest generation 4G LTE advanced network. TECNO TR215 can reach up to 150Mbps download speeds and 50Mbps upload speeds

4G CPE TR210 is also available

without RJ11 connector ,NO VOIP and VOLTE function