Gesture call picker

Air Receive / Reject -Call

It allows you answer calls on your TECNO phone without touching the screen or even the phone. Just use simple V gesture to answer the phone and Palm gesture to reject the calls.

Closed eye detection

Say no to face unlocking when eyes are closed,keep you phone more safety

Say no to face unlocking when eyes are closed,keep you phone more safety

Fingerprint Password Reset

Reset your screen password within 3 steps

it gives you the Fingerprint Reset Password, it solves your password amnesia within few seconds

AI Video Beauty

Auto Makeup ready for video chat

No need for makeup, the AI Video Beauty can make you shine in the video chat and make you look younger, brighter and fresher. 

Game Assistant

High-frequent operation Collector

It lets you easily use all the frequent functions with 3 seconds. While playing Games ,you can go into high frequency applications like  Google search and shortcuts like message do not disturb, WIFI Status, call reject, boost mode, clean memory.

Game Floating Window

The Second window to remain game online

No need to worry about being interrupted by WhatsApp messages or calls with the help of Floating Window. You can quickly use it to reply important messages or browse through game tips on your browser without having to leave your game screen.

Game Mode Optimization

Multiple optimization to insure your immersive Game experience

Automatically Free Space, Boost  Game and Accelerate Network while you are playing games. You wont be aware of it until somehow you find your game experience is enjoyable and unhindered. 

Call Optimization

Stay in Game while Answering Call

With new options by Call Optimization, you can answer or reject your phone call while no need to be back into call interface. In this way, an uninterrupted Game experience is ready for you!