5G Gigabit Network Speed
Multi-device Sharing
and New Experience Instantly
by Inserting A Card

Simply inserting a 5G SIM card allows mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices without 5G to enjoy the speedy experience brought by the 5G network, while its 4 gigabit ports support Internet access through wired network.

High-speed Dual-core CPU
Always Meeting Challenges with
Excellent Performance

Equipped with a high-performance, dual-core ARM Cortex-A55 processor, with a main frequency up to 1.35GHz, its integrated performance is greatly improved compared with traditional single-core performance processors, and easily supports gigabit LAN and gigabit dual-band Wi-Fi data forwarding to guarantee your gaming and Internet experience.

Gigabit 5G, Dual-band Gigabit
Wi-Fi at 2.4GHz and 5GHz

5G super speed with 2.3Gbps* downlink rate and 1.15Gbps* uplink rate*
Note: *The above data are theoretical values from TECNO labs, and the actual rates are subject to local operators.

Wireless Dual-band 1167Mbps
Faster and Smoother Internet Access

Two frequency bands of 2.4GHz and 5GHz, without mutual interference; dual-band concurrent wireless connection rate up to 1167Mbps.
2.4GHz band features farther transmission, better coverage and better performance through walls; 5GHz band adopts 802.11ac technology, featuring less interference and higher rate, making the experience of watching HD videos and playing large-scale games smoother.

Dual Bands In One, With Auto Switch

TECNO 5G CPE TR255 enables auto switch between the two Wi-Fi SSID signals (2.4GHz & 5GHz) to enhance the anti-interference capability, allowing stable transmission of end devices and a smooth network experience.

4 Gigabit Wired Network Ports

4 gigabit network ports can flexibly connect various wired devices and provide stable and low-latency 5G network services for industrial applications.

"Heat Dissipation Structure Design"

Its good heat conduction design, featuring large-channel air duct convection with large heat sinks, effectively reduces the chip temperature, and maintains a stable and excellent system status at all times.

Hidden high performance antenna
with 360-degree even coverage

Built-in six 5G NR/LTE antennas and 4 Wi-Fi dual-band high-gain omni-directional antennas with reasonable internal layout and precise debugging provide wider coverage and stronger transmission performance. The circular layout without obstruction ensures 360-degree even coverage.

The world's first 5G CPE that
supports eSIM* + SIM cards

The world's first 5G CPE that supports eSIM + SIM cards, providing the right 5G network access solution no matter which country and city you are in around the world.

Advanced beamforming technology
enabled for directional signal enhancement

Beamforming technology automatically detects the location of mobile phones, pads, computers and other terminals in the network and enhances the signal in the location, resulting in wider coverage and more stable signal quality of Wi-Fi.

MU-MIMO Technology
Avoiding Queues of Multiple Mobile Phones
Computers, And Pads for Internet Access

Traditional Wi-Fi routing allows only one terminal to occupy the channel at a time, regardless of how wide the MIMO channel is, so when multiple computers, mobile phones, and pads access to the Internet, the channel occupancy strategy is to divide the time equally and make them queue for accessing to the Internet. TECNO 5G CPE TR255 uses advanced Multi-User MIMO technology to allow multiple terminals to share the channel at the same time, so that when multiple mobile phones, computers, and pads access to the Internet simultaneously, the inefficient "queue and pass in order" mode turns into the highly efficient "go hand in hand".

5G CPE, Smart Home Traffic
Entrance And Control Center

5G CPE becomes the smart home entrance and control center with 4GB large memory and stable connection to 128 end devices. With more devices needing stable networking in the era of smart home, TECNO 5G CPE adopts 4GB large memory to guarantee the stability of data transmission and protect the stable connection for each accessing device.

Intelligent network speed allocation

TR255 supports intelligent QoS traffic identification, which enables QoS speed limitation for each terminal IP, giving priority to video and game acceleration.

Typical Use Scenarios For