True Wireless Stereo Sound

No wires, no more mess. Buds1 offers true wireless connection to music.
Wear Buds1, enjoy cinema-level stereo sound effect brought by high quality speakers.

Deep Bass Enjoyment

Buds1 lays more emphasis on creating much purer bass sound effect. Vigorous bass speakers deliver live concert enjoyment to your ears.

Pop-up, Click, Connect

Open the Bluetooth function on TECNO mobile phone and the cover of charging box, click the pop-up interface and complete the connection. Enjoy the true wireless stereo sound within simple steps.

Efficient Charging Box

Charging and storage, one small box can do both. 300mAh charging box offers enough power for efficient recharging.

Unstoppable Music Wave

Buds1 enables more than 4 hours music listening. Powerful match of earphones and charging box brings free music enjoyment for more than 18 hours.

Bluetooth V5.0

Stable connection, real-time transmission. Less connection delaying when playing games or watching video.

Smart Switching Operation

Simply tap your earphone panel to reach different functions without touching your phone.