High-definition Color Display

Band 1 chooses 0.96 inch IPS display for better viewing and wearing experience. With 160*80 resolution and strong color contrast, contents are displayed clearly and originally. Support adjustable brightness and lift wrist to wake up the screen.

0.96 inch IPS Color Display / 160*80 High-definition Resolution / Touch Control Operation

IP67 Super Strong Waterproof

Tough armor against water and sweat, Band 1 even enables wearing in swimming or surfing scenario. Daily spills or splashes of water could be freely crossed off your worry list.

Up to 7 Days Daily Use

Equipped with 100mAh powerful battery, Band 1 is able to last for 7 days in daily use mode. Especially designed “plug in and charge” method for speedy power restoring, remove the main body from the band, plug the USB connector into the charger and start charging instantly. Less worry of frequent and complicated recharging.

All-day Body Temperature Monitoring

Now you could get to know your body temperature in a more convenient way. Incorporating high-precision temperature sensor, Band 1 offers 24 hours body temperature monitoring. Once the body temperature is over normal range, Band 1 would timely send a reminding to you.

Smart Health Management

With the support of low power-consumption and high-precision heart rate sensor and AI algorithms, now you could read the change of your heart rate and real-time get to know your body status. Also support blood pressure and blood oxygen measurement.
* The measuring data are for reference only, and should not be used as a basis for medical purposes.

Sleep Monitoring

Applying intelligent sleep monitoring algorithm, Band 1 would automatically record your sleeping time and status during your sleep. With comprehensive data analysis, pay more attention to sleeping quality and keep in good sleeping habit.
* Please wear the band to sleep in order to conduct the sleep monitoring.

Multiple Sports Mode

Wear smart Band 1 and do sports, precisely record various kinds of exercise data, such as steps, time, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc. Do fitness in a more healthy way that suits you better.
Running / Cycling / Climbing / Walking

Instant Information Push

Sync with mobile phone, calling reminder and message push update every piece of incoming call and message to you through smart Band 1. Less worry of missing any important information.

Intelligent Reminder

As your considerate and punctual reminder, Band 1 supports various reminding functions.
Alarm Clock Reminder / Drink Water Reminder / Long-time-sitting Reminder

Colorful Skin-friendly Band

Band 1 adopts high quality TPU material for its band design. Skin-friendly, delicate texture, adjustable length and comfortable tightness contribute to better wearing experience.
* The band colors of black and red are available.

Partner with Smart Band APP

Especially designed Smart Band APP has launched! After successful binding, real-time sync all relevant data between your mobile phone and smart band. Now you could view your exercise data, fitness goal, heart rate variation and more information in the APP. Also support different customizable settings in the APP. Come and explore!