Business at the front,
Party at the back

SPARK 7 brings the perfectly proportioned forms and best-in-class functions together under one playful roof.

Watch out, Or it will slip
through the tiniest crack

All that you ever desire is here:
A streamlined body and a slimmer waistline.
What more could you possibly want?

Color of fashion

Bring out your vitality and youth with two stylish colors:
Spruce Green; Magnet Black;Morpheus Blue;
For our rising generation, SPARK logo is especially designed that can show your unique personality.

Fashionable and luxurious

Do you want something luxurious on your phone? We got it. Our stylish camera panel brings you a fashionable and dynamic phone. Pick SPARK, be the shining star.

6.5 HD+ Dot Notch Screen
Delicate Display

Your visual feast will go to a new and more delicate realm. SPARK 7 is equipped with Super High Resolution(720*1600)and 6.5" large screen(16.55CM)to enhance your viewing experience in an all-round way. You can't miss the exquisite vision.

Super Night Mode
Moments in the dark also matter

It might be a crazy party with your friends, a night out with your partner, or a city tour in the dusk...all these moments are equally precious and worth capturing! Your nights shine brighter with the Super Night Mode.

16MP AI Dual Camera
More details in your photo

The newly-added AI lens brightens the overall dark environment and has made it easier for you to capture every wonderful yourself and moment quickly.

Video Bokeh
Who knew blur can be so beautiful?

Bring out your inner cinematographer and shoot films like the professionals. Video Bokeh focuses on the portrait and blurs the background which giving your video a cinematic touch.

Smile Snapshot
Time the moment to

AI Portrait focuses on the face and captures the photo when it sees a smile. You will never miss out on the perfect shot.

Slow Motion
Be the hero of your own

Shooting at 120 fps, capture smooth and clear slow-motion footage that even Hollywood would be proud of. Its automatic sparkle detection and continuous frame analysis will give even the most dynamic and sporty shots a blockbusting look.

Eye Focusing Show the best of you

Don't worry about the blurring of the portrait. Spark 7 automatically recognizes the face and intelligently focuses on your eyes to capture clear and vivid portraits.

Document Correction
No mistake will be missed

Don’t worry about any reading issues of documents. Our document correction function can support real-time display, annotation, and auto-rotate common electronic screens, documents, books or business cards through camera.

Small but mighty

You should have smooth animations, quick app load and sharp photos by our processor. A small chipset can give you a powerful using experience.

6000mAh Battery
Always Standby

Do you believe that a mobile phone can stand by for nearly three months? SPARK 7 did it.
Say Goodbye to run around the street panicking and trying to find a charging station, SPARK 7 is always on standby, escorting you with its powerful battery performance.

No hiccups

SPARK 7 can save you from these embarrassing scenarios:
‘Storage Almost Full’ constantly popping up, screen lagging, playing games not smoothly, etc.
With 64GB+4 GB storage, more spaces are available for photos, music, videos and files.
*The 64GB+3GB version is also available.

Sharing is caring

When happiness is shared, it multiplies. With Bluetooth Audio Share 2.0, you can spread your joy to even more people. Get the party started whenever, wherever and let your friends and family join in a music-blasting, merry-making fest.

Auto Dark Theme
Tender is the night

When the night falls, there’s no place for harsh bright lights. When the surroundings go dark, we go dark with it. At the end of the day, you don’t need any more blinding light, just tender and gentle luminance, just as your night should be.

Instant Chat Bubble
No more back and forth

Are you still switching back and forth between Apps the moment you receive a message? You might be doing something, but we know you just can’t resist the temptation to see who has sent you what. From now on, you don’t need to jump in and out of an app like Jack in a box. Stay where you are and chatter away.

Video Assistant
The guardian of your
cinematic experience

So, you’re watching a video on your phone. It’s mesmerizing; it’s taken your breath away; you’re completely and utterly engrossed in it. And then... someone calls. All hell breaks loose. Now you have a dedicated assistant to sort it all out for you. A great tool for your viewing experience, and anger management.

App Twin
Two is better than one

For modern, tech-savvy youths, running multiple social media platforms is the norm.
So, introducing App Twin, a simple tool designed to help you manage your social game.
With it, you can run two social accounts simultaneously and switch between different social accounts fast and smoothly.