your equipment information is not available, please contact the carlcare offcial after-sales service.
Your Service and Support Coverage
All information is for reference only. For warranty info on repaired devices,please consult Carlcare service centre.
Device is activating...
Warranty expiration date DD-MM-YY
Warranty scope
During the warranty period, the mobile phone appears the fault condition within the warranty scope, may enjoy the free maintenance service. If you cannot use the electronic warranty card, you still need to provide the purchase invoice and paperwarranty card.
Warranty time
The expiration date of the warranty card is the reference time of the mobile phone host warranty, which is subject to the timeconfirmed by the Carlcare service center.
Directions for use
Present your mobile phone repair card at Carlcare Service Centers nationwide to enjoy warranty service in accordance withthe above rules.
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Insert sim card and use it online for a peried of time, and the device will automatically complete activation.